Do you know how to stop people from lying?

Use a “defibrillator” on them.

It would also give new meaning to “getting a paddling”.















note:  lie detector – another word for mother.

2 responses to “Lies

  1. Ha-ha! (but was my laugh REAL)?

    buskerman: it was a real laugh, because I’d recoglize a fake laugh from you 🙂

  2. You come back on August 6? August 6th? And, you live in Japan? I would love to know what type of media coverage there is on this anniversary. It doesn’t really lend itself to your planetrosslightenessofbeing blog, however. So,forget I mentioned it.

    This defib thing shows you are back in the groove.

    PS. W1kkp were the call letters my father used for 65 years as a Ham radio operator. Morse code to begin with, microphones and yakkity yak in later years, but always signing on and off as “This is W1kkp…W1KingKingPeter.”

    w1kkp: I was waiting forever for a comment from you. Thats a great username 🙂

    I forgot all about August 6th. A very loud siren goes off at the time the bombs were dropped on the 6th and the 9th. I was driving someone to the bullet train station and missed it.
    I’ve visited both cities during different New Year holidays, and both times the museums were closed 😦
    I did return to Hiroshima a few years ago and finally caught the museum when it was open.
    Sad, very sad.

    In Kyushu the Kamikaze Museum is another sad but interesting place. Cabinets with the pilots diaries are on display. The place is full of older Japanese people reading loved ones diaries and weeping.

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