There is waterproof, windproof, and fireproof things.

Why is there no earthproof stuff?

It seems like a very elemental oversight.


note: Earth Wind and Fire must have kicked Water out of the band for being a wet blanket.

3 responses to “Proof

  1. You ARE clever! How do you think this stuff up?

  2. WTF? The cheese in its rind. That’s hot. I do not know about earthproof, but chickproof has possibilities. You look like Pat Coakley on her MEME auto-portrait.
    Someone’s going to have to post a pretty hot picture to make up for this one. Nice smile though.

  3. Who is Jack Nicholson in the shining? Oh wait no… Who is Joker in Dark Knight?……that’s not right. Who’s the new superhero, Cheese, that turns back into a human when placed into water!

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