The cow is of the bovine ilk;
One end is moo, the other, milk.

Ogden Nash 



It’s difficult to write about cows: it’s rare for it to be well done.




To reudderate, I will ruminate on this and search for irrumination on the topic.


note: Pat Coakley over at Single for a Reason  requested I write about cows. I guess she figures I’m like one of those wind-up monkeys or something: “Play Monkey Play!”



 It was hard to type with those cymbals on my hands, but I tried.





double note: my friend the psychologist wanted to go to England during the Mad Cow Epidemic.

“Why are you so angry? And how does that make you feel?”

6 responses to “Cows

  1. I consulted with my ” medium ” this morning and she said I should steak my claim to this post before anyone else does.
    PS- oh my god, that shopping bag!!!

  2. To reudderate (0, please, so laugh out loud), I believe you are my favorite wind up monkey and I’ve known a few. But, none, absolutely no other wind up monkalicious could type with their cymbals on.

    No wonder your brother loves you. And, I’m with BonnieL…that shopping bag!!

  3. I typically don’t like my cow “well done” anyway. The cloth bag is brilliant as is the poem.
    Monkeys are much more fun to write about. Just look at “Get Fuzzy” lately!

  4. I’m glad you mentioned Pat: I was beginning to think you were developing a bad case of milk fixation.

    Loved the psychologist bit!

    The tote bag can be purchased there:

    Except Fuck is replaced by *!@#. They are probably sponsored by BlogHer (sorry Pat, I just could not resist!)

  5. A couple were dining in a restaurant during the Mad Cow era. The husband ordered a steak & the waiter said, “but sir what about the mad cow”
    The man replied “Oh my wife can order for herself”

  6. P.S. I really like the cow picture

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