I thought someone had “defrosted” all my Frosted Flakes, but then I realized that I had bought Corn Flakes by mistake.




6 responses to “Cereal

  1. Corn frost would be an example of Engish, I think.

  2. Tony the Tiger looks so young! Been eating fish I’ll bet!

  3. Corn frost doesn’t sound too appetizing.

  4. Off the top of my head I believe that box is 160 grams and cost about $300 US. The generic brand are about $120 less.
    And no one even knows of the company Kellogg’s over here.
    I bet if they had frosted miso soup, it might sell.

  5. Wow!!!!
    I haven’t seen Tony The Tiger since I was a kid, we only get Cornelius the rooster on our boxes here in Oz…….

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