The Beach



Everyone has their beach.


Mine is on Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil: 2 hours by catamaran from Salvador.


Off and on, I spent 4 months there from April 2006 to January 2007.


I met amazing people; had amazing adventures; and became the laziest person on earth for a short time.






But very close.


When I think of the beach, I think of this one.



Where is your beach?


9 responses to “The Beach

  1. Kailua Beach Hawaii. Sand like butter, water like transparent ecstasy. Google it under images….if you go, you won’t ever want to leave. Eva!

  2. Bora Bora. Three weeks in absolute beauty. Very little clothing. Fresh coconuts on the beach.

  3. Cat Island, Bahamas. PINK sand beaches. No one else anywhere to be seen. Coral so close to the surface that dive gear is utterly pointless. *Sigh*

    -Turkish Prawn

  4. Two hundred walking steps from our house to the vision on the masthead of my blog!
    There are beaches probably more remotely stunning but it’s hard to compare to this one that is just a walk away and barely populated.
    Beaches, are like pizza.
    None are really horrible, some are spectacular but they all satisfy the craving to different degrees.

  5. Sadly I’ve not been to any beach for many years. Here in America I’d say on the Cape on the Atlantic. Who said “Life is a beach?” Mine is work, home, work, home, ad nauseum….

  6. 1,125 miles west of my house is a beach on Folsom Lake in Folsom, California called Hobie Cove. It’s where I grew up sailing Hobie cats (A duel haul sail boat popular in the 70s)
    Colorado has lots of sand, but no beach.

  7. Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach in Australia. Lived there for a long time when I was in my 20’s. Sooooo many great memories. Sigh. What happened?

  8. Morro de Sao Paulo: Morro de Sao Paulo is awesome! I wish I was there now!

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