I wish someone would do something about lazy people.

If a lazy person walked over to me, I’d get someone to slap them on the side of the head.


note:    When is it time to wash dishes?   

When you are eating take-a-way food from a bundt pan with the ice cream scoop.

7 responses to “Lazy

  1. Hot damn! Seriously. Wash you dishes. Better yet, buy paper, plastic, recycle. Saving the earth AND not being dirty…..SCORE! 🙂

  2. You have a CLEAN ice cream scoop!!?!!??

    -Turkish Prawn

  3. Funneeee mister, you brought a smile to my face, so early in the morning, Mommy of Mayhem, said what I was going to say, paper plates and cups, that is AFTER you wash your dishes, haha.

  4. Who was it that couldn’t be bothered to buy milk? Turkish Prawn’s comment was perfect.

  5. Thanks for all the comments 🙂

    Turkish Prawn: I don’t even think I have an ice cream scoop or a bundt pan. I must have borrowed them from my neighbour 🙂

    sweetiegirlz: I’m glad it made you smile 🙂

  6. Odds are you will not find a lazy person WALKING over to you
    so no need to worry about spending the energy finding someone to slap them

    Finding someone to do your dishes or buy your paper plates for you, well, that may be a whole other story…

  7. Oh, this is a good one. Lazy people. I’m one of them. H should be in my middle name. For Horizontal.

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