I wish I could have children and be able to breastfeed …

because I sure don’t feel like walking to the store for milk right now.

note:     lactating – what ever “tating” is, I guess I don’t lack it.

double note: I expected to find porn when I punched “milk Jugs” into the search engine; but there was just… milk.. and … jugs.

11 responses to “Milk

  1. Heh. I won’t point this post out to my wife. She’d reach right through the intertubes and grab you by your non-lactating nipples.

    She’s both working full time and breast feeding our three month old daughter. It requires her using a breast pump when she’s not at home, keeping the milk cold until she gets back, not leaking on her shirt and making sure she does this all often enough to avoid mastitis.

    It’s WAY more work than I ever thought it would be and rather selfishly, I’m glad to not have the option.

    -Turkish Prawn

  2. Turkish Prawn: I’m also glad I can’t breastfeed. I just had no milk for my coffee this morning and was too lazy to put a hat on and walk the entire 100 metres to 7-11.

  3. While I’ve never tasted breastmilk myself I’m under the impression that it’s not very tasty.

  4. Sometimes I have to wonder at all the work to make this drink possible. Imagine all the steps in the evolution of drinks that had to happen. The result: Steamy hot water mixed with crushed dried beans, strained to make a black beverage, then add the milk of a lactating domesticated bovine. Mmmmm. Now I am getting thirsty.

  5. Yet another sick, sick entry mate. Off your arse now and get some milk! Gads! What a sorry git you are! (joking lad)

  6. I’m thinking of Borat and breast milk. Strange. I haven’t done that in a while.

  7. Thanks for all the comments 🙂

    I can’t believe I did it again this morning! No milk!
    I will get off my arse and walk to the store now.

  8. I’ve actually read that men can lactate…

  9. C’mon Ross! Man up! Milk in your coffee?!?
    Next you’ll be telling me that you add sugar too!;-)

    -Turkish Prawn

  10. Turkish Prawn: Yes, I am a mandling when it comes to coffee. I find I am bitter if there is no sugar or milk 🙂

  11. Cows. They’re silly. Do something about cows, would you? They always make me laugh for some reason.

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