Settling Down


Why does the idea of settling down unsettle me?

note: sometimes settling down leads to settling up.


4 responses to “Settling Down

  1. note: sometimes settling down leads to settling up.

    ~Not if you find the right person my friend! You’re every bit justified in taking your time. The state of Matrimony, like everything else is a friggin mess. “Do overs anyone?”

    (although you are an awesome guy who could get virtually any woman he wants right now)

    Thanks for the illustration, it’s COOL. 🙂

  2. Life, in my opinion, is all about settling up. Personally, I find it fits quite well.

    My wife put it well when she spoke about her soon to be husband (me): “Who would have thought that I could find someone who will put up with me?!” I think it’s amazing that she can put up with ME!

    -Turkish Prawn

  3. Do couples really have to “settle down”? I find the idea not only unsettling, but downright ter-ri-fying. I lead a routine life by myself and I’m pretty damn happy with it, so the absolute last thing I want from a man is routine. That’s a love killer right there, no?

    I want passion, great sex, fantastic conversations, love, support, adventure, and the last thing I want is to be talking every day about what we are going to eat for dinner and who is doing the laundry (not me!)

    Can’t we all get along without the need for a merger?

    I’ve had 2 mojitos and I’m feisty!!! Can you tell?

  4. Thanks for all the comments 🙂

    I actually just like the settled/unsettling word play on this one.
    Chatting to my sister, she said I have become “settled” in my routine. She also called me middle aged and other nasty things 🙂
    I found that “unsettling”. 🙂

    sweetiegirlz: thanks for the vote of confidence. I wish that were true 🙂 haha!!
    I should put your quote on a business card and show it to random women I fancy!! haha

    nathaliewithanh: you do sound feisty!!! 🙂

    Turkish Prawn: I liked what my brother’s wife said at their wedding: ” I hope this works because I’m not going through this shit again.” 🙂

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