Made in Japan


Living in Japan and not being able to read stuff creates some minor problems.

Appliances are a pain. Sure, you understand what they are supposed to do and long long ago you figured out what all the buttons did,

but …

5 years later and a button is pushed accidentally; it’s …

Why is the toilet seat cold? Why are all the English channels in Japanese? Why does everything I type on the computer turn into Japanese script?  Hey I’m writing in Japanese! Wow! This is really annoying!!

Two days ago I noticed an amazing ice build up in my freezer and yesterday it seemed to be melting; I was going to chalk it up to global warming, but then I remembered there are 2 buttons and a dial which control my ice cube making ability.

Could I remember how to get things back to normal?  No, not right away.

Trial and Error and a bit of  Rile and Terror!

Sometimes I’m just a monkey pushing buttons and seeing what happens.

note: “Yes, it’s the latest fashion to have 90% of the ice sticking out of your glass. It’s called a reverse iceberg”.


5 responses to “Made in Japan

  1. Funny stuff. It’s situations like those that makes me glad I spent a year of torture so long ago memorizing my kanji….

  2. So intent he was in reading the manuals that he swallowed his dentures.

  3. Er, excuse me? You have a butt warmer on your toilet seat? And a butt colder? Seriously?

    You are not allowed to complain about anything in your life anymore.

    nathaliewithanh: my high tech toilet seat came with the house. read all about it here:

  4. OMG! I desire one! A BUTT WARMER? That’s genius! I’m not sure about the cleaning jets part (that’s bidet-weird), but I dig the trickling! Wow! Does it come with Playboy holder and incorporated boom box too?

  5. Just keep using those mad monkey skills mate. Everything will be alright. Well, either that or you will ruin your frozen food, unknowingly write an obscene letter to a Japanese official, and cook your arse!

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