The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


Oh!  The rider has no head!

I thought it was The Headless Horse, man.

 I guess a headless horse would be pretty hard to ride.

note: Why are you galloping around the room?   I’m a little hoarse today! neigh! neigh!

5 responses to “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

  1. It’s a good thing that it happened in New England. Imagine if it had been in Victorian Era England!

    “Corr! It’s the ‘edless ‘orseman, it is!

  2. Sometimes, I just want to leave a comment expressing admiration, but I find it impossible to come even remotely close to matching your wit.
    My inner child finds herself at a loss for words. I mean, come on! “I’m a little hoarse today. Neigh! Neigh!” What else is there to say?
    On the other hand, fart humor? That’s just plain wrong man.

  3. Nathalie~He’s a guy…I’m surprised ALL his posts are not about fart humor.

  4. Sweetiegirlz, your words resonate with truthiness.
    I tend to place Cheese a lofty pedestal of celestial magnitude wit and he disappoints me greatly when he fishes his next post from the toilet.
    I forget he is a man. I guess this explains his need to display hot photographs of himself: he reminds us he belongs to the male species, and at the same time his washboard stomach encourages forgiveness for a few less than tasteful traits d’esprit.
    Thanks for reminding me!

  5. Thanks for the comments 🙂

    Sorry about the “fart humor” 😦

    It just comes out sometimes 🙂

    Maybe I have some type of tourettes syndrome or toilettes syndrome 🙂

    note: I can’t take credit for the “I’m a little hoarse today” line; I think that is one of my sister’s jokes (usually accompanied with running around the room like a horse)

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