Bait companies pay golf courses for the rights to collect worms.

The golf course’s large clear area with short grass is the perfect place to find worms easily. At night, equipped with miner’s lights on their heads and coffee cans strapped to their ankles, worm catchers harvest the worms.

Finally a benefit to golf!!




note: How do I know this? I used to pack worms for a bait and tackle supplier.

double note: I’ll have the “Golf Course”: a clubhouse sandwich with greens and tee served with a wedge of lemon.



7 responses to “Worms

  1. How about worm “hunting” with a miner’s lamp on your head and a nine iron in your hand?


    -Turkish Prawn

  2. Cheese man- you are the best! Your posts make us ” Edam ” and weep……

  3. “What do you do?”
    “I’m a worm packer.”

    Did anybody believe you?

  4. Thanks for the comments 🙂

    S. Le: I packed worms on Saturdays one summer. There was nothing like walking into a freezer, picking up a box of 2,000 worms all clumped together, and then sticking your hands into it. 200 styrofoam containers and a dozen worms in each 😦

    By the time I finished the worms were getting pretty frisky 🙂

  5. Ewwwww. The kids made me rent “Fried Worms” or whatever the hell it was called. I went into another room and listened to them groaning for an hour!

    But, seriously, you are the best. I just sent this story to a father who recently lost his 26 year old daughter to depression. He’s an avid golfer and I’m trying anything to cheer him up. Last week I sent him one of sanity’s fart jokes. Yeah, I’m a high brow kinda girl in the grieving department.

  6. Pat~ My daughter had a wonderful teacher who was the most perfect teacher in the world in my eyes (I thought) until she rented that movie for the kids in her class. Next, she brought in “fried worms” and challenged the kids to eat one! Not only did “little A” who is the pickiest damn eater in the world, eat one, she still won’t even eat fruit or vegetables!

    PR~ That’s a weird job, is it safe to say that you might do any job if the pay is right? lol.

    sweetiegirlz: the pay wasn’t that great actually, but it wasn’t a bad job. Just counting out worms and listening to the radio. I remember being really impressed when I found a massively huge worm. 🙂

  7. Very interesting. Some of the “night crawlers” we used to hunt at our course looked like thye could handke 3 or 4 fish. They were humongous and a lot of fun to get. TB

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