Voice Actors


When movies and TV shows are dubbed into another language voice actors are used.

If I was a voice actor, I’d want to translate Mr. Bean because I wouldn’t have to work that hard.

note: In the Spanish version of “Terminator 2“, the Terminator says, “Sayonara Baby” instead of “Hasta la vista Baby“.    (seriously) 

I’m sure in some language the Terminator says, ” Catcha later dude“.


4 responses to “Voice Actors

  1. I grew up in Belgium and all the American series were dubbed in French. To this day, I think that Peter Falk’s voice in English sounds completely fake.

    nathaliewithanh: Columbo with a French accent would make him sound like Poirot 🙂

  2. Do you really sound like Mr. Bean?? Oh, just another reason I like you.

  3. I LOVE Mr. Bean! I liked his spy movie better than this one though. Also, his “clean” and simple humor had me and my gurlz absolutely paralyzed on the floor laughing.

  4. Poirot has a Belgian accent. Peter Falk has a French accent from Paris. You have just managed to offend the French people AND the Belgians. How you managed to stay alive traveling the globe is beyond me.

    nathaliewithanh: I meant Belgian French or maybe Walloon.
    I am offensive … no … Chief Inspector Japp? 🙂

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