Two Types Of People


There seems to be 2 types of people: “wares” and “not wares“.

I think I am  a ware

note: I hope I’m not anal“. They are a subcategory of “not wares“. Those people have their heads up their asses.


7 responses to “Two Types Of People

  1. Not-with-standing, is, I bet, how he ripped his pants, too……

    The only a” nal ” thing about you is the regularity with which you enter these delightfully, insanely frequent posts!

    bonnieluria: I have a bad habit of punching something into the computer and just pressing publish. I have no restaint. As for thinking of stuff, I usually have a good brain fart once or twice a day (my friend Kelly Pettit’s expression). Sometimes I am constipated though 😦

  2. I know a lot of “not wares” . Sadly I’m a “nal”…

    S.Le: I was going to put in an a sexual“, but that doesn’t work right for some reason.

  3. The pictures are cool you get a gold star. *

  4. What do you think of the rectum as a whole? (say it out loud)

    -Turkish Prawn

  5. BTW, I sent this in from the orifice.

    Ok… no more puns from me.


    -Turkish Prawn

    Turkish Prawn: You had me at rectum 🙂 haha!!

  6. Ok. I am embarrassed. I still don’t get the “ware” thing. Nor TP’s pun. But, I did laugh at BL’s “not with standing”. Have I jumped the shark to oblivion?

    How is it possible that I have not read this many of your recent posts?

    w1kpp: “aware” and “anal”; I’ve just broken up the words. TP’s puns? Say them out loud a few times: rectum, hole, oriface/office.

    Actually I don’t get bonnieluria’s “not with standing” comment 😦

  7. Silly. I can’t practice these words outloud. Other ears may hear them.

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