I’ve been listening to people making speeches for over an hour now.

When are they going to bring out the bread?

Stupid Toastmasters’ meeting.


note: In some countries it’s rude if you don’t make eye contact while making a toast. That’s why I always have a mirror with me.


6 responses to “Meetings

  1. nice pun on the toast there.


  2. I love the crockery. Do you own it?

    I hope the mirror you use is of those ones that looks like a time magazine cover with man of the year on it. It will make whatever you’re saying sound grand and important.

    razzbuffnik: unfortunately it’s just a photo off the web. But when I think of famous toaster, Milton the Toaster popped into my head. I also thought of Foster Brooks from the old Dean Martin celebrity roasting show, but somehow I don’t think anyone would get that.

  3. ROTFL … mirror with me, yeah me too!! Its impossible to stop people from speaking, especially to a large number of more-people 😦

  4. Not coming from North America, I’d never heard of Milton the Toaster. Youtube has some videos and now I now.

    I used to love watching Foster Brooks do his drunk schtik.

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