At the park I watched some ants as they foraged for food.

I was fascinated by their determination.

What amazing insects!

Then I flicked them off my paper plate and kept on eating. 








4 responses to “Ants

  1. If they ate Splenda instead of those cumbersome sugar cubes, that photo wouldn’t have been nearly as arresting.

  2. You wouldn’t find them quite so fascinating if you lived in a woods and Carpenter ants were trying to eat your house, like they do mine. I feed the wee buggers from special cones that contain irresistible ant poison. Ha! Take that you nasty bugs! Who wins now? Oops, sorry.

  3. Why are they carrying marshmellows?

    Tony: I thought they were defective dice 🙂

  4. ROTFL 😀 😀 😀 … Deep!

    mentalmist: thanks for all the comments 🙂

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