Wet T-Shirt Contests

My friend wanted to enter a wet t-shirt contest, but the dry cleaners ruined all her wet t-shirts.


note: if a woman wears a “wife beater“, does she call it a “husband beater“?

double note: Why do you have a dirty briefcase?

                         I don’t do laundry until tomorrow.



3 responses to “Wet T-Shirt Contests

  1. If a male dog wears a “wife beater” is it called a “bitch beater”?

  2. Your friend that has no wet-t shirts because her dry cleaners ruined them is kinda butch for a woman so she probably wouldn’t win anyway…unless it is a lipstick lesbian audience.

  3. What if you were a wife spanker? Would you wear a subdued version of the wife beater? Maybe in pastel hues?

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