Why is “fasting” such a slow process?

I’d rather “slow” and get it over with quickly.

note: planetross has been “hunger strike” free for 43 years.

double note: They say these are the “gravy years“, but I seem to be in soy sauce country.

3 responses to “Fasting

  1. I go on hunger strike every day. It usually starts after dinner and I can only make it until some time around breakfast.

    At least I’m consistent!

    -Turkish Prawn

  2. It’s called fast because the novelty quickly expires.

  3. I et Japanese food last Friday. I think I could “fast” at least 4 days per week if I lived in Japan. Not my fave. Have you learnt to enjoy it?

    S. Le: No learning was involved; more an education. I like almost all the different styles of Japanese dishes. I’m not so crazy about the BBQ’d squid on a stick though.

    note: not sure if “et” is a regional word, so I didn’t correct it.

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