I seem to have a lot of misconceptions.

Maybe I’m sterile.


note: I think a James Bond villain lives in this building.



5 responses to “Misconceptions

  1. Sorry mate. I think it is actually an alien space craft trying to blend in as a house. One day it will be gone and you will see I was correct.

  2. No, Mr. Ross, I expect you to die.

  3. airport? What the heck is that thing on the grass, it looks kinda…eeeeevil!

    Misconceptions: always cleared up by proper cum-munication 😉

  4. The building is at the “Oscar Niemeyer Museum” in Curitiba, Brazil. It was closed the day I visited. 😦

    sweetiegirlz: haha 🙂

    Finicky Penguin: I am James Bond’s transient brother “Vaga Bond”. 🙂

    S. Le: that spacecraft isn’t doing a very good job of fitting in.

  5. OK. It is now the Oscar Meyer Museum in Curitiba, Brazil. The sculpture is the the Quality Control eye that is open and never blinks 24/7 as those strips of bacon, boiled ham slices, and hot dogs make their way into the packaging.

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