Why does everyone have an accent except me?

It’s unfair.

Maybe if I go travelling I’ll get one.

note: It’s easy to lose your accent, but very difficult to find one.

double note: Someone said, “You’re losing your diction from living overseas.”

                     I don’t think I have. I’m sure it’s the same size it’s always been.


8 responses to “Accents

  1. During my Navy days on a visit to Guam, an American lady in a shop on the Navy Base had trouble understanding that I wanted a bottle of Coke.
    She finally understood after help from an American sailor in the shop. She then said “I’m sorry I couldn’t understand your accent” (Unbelievable)
    I proceeded to tell her that I didn’t have an accent she did 🙂

  2. All of you Anglophiles have nutty accents!

    After 6 months in the States, I attended my first ice-hockey game ever. It was all very exciting, as you can imagine. At intermission, I went to the concession stand and ask for Nachos (which I had never eaten before.)
    Nacho Man asked me whether I wanted Chili and cheese with that.
    I answered: “American Cheese please”
    Nacho Man: “Yes but Chili AND cheese?
    Me: “No, not Chilean cheese, just American cheese please.”
    As I say, you English-speaking folks talk crazy!

  3. Of course you have an accent! You just don’t notice it whilst talking to yourself. Everybody else hearing you is laughing at your accent behind your back.

  4. We can pronounce R’s correctly, thank you.

  5. My family comes from Northern New England where were hunted the letter R into extinction hundreds of years ago.

    Thea aint been one spotted hea fa ye-ahs.

    -Turkish Prawn

  6. I must say that losing an accent isn’t all that easy. It took a lot of effort and a couple of years to rid myself of a hillbilly Kentucky accent.

  7. You can do what I do: Just make one up.

  8. I live in Japan and speak Japanese fluently. However, I’m stuck with a foreigners’ accent when I speak it. I too often hear Japanese imitating my pronunciation of their language in a “make fun at my expense” kind of way. Same way people immitate Chinese, East Indians or whomever when they speak English. I guess the thing to remember is, at least they bothered to learn English as a second language. The other thing I find funny is that English came from England. I’ve often heard Americans talk like everyone else has the accent and not them. It’s a shame I have had to change my spelling of colour to color and favourite to favorite etc. But, that’s the beauty of life. Forever evolving (for better or for worse) 😉

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