Arm Wrestling



Are there “armpit crews” at arm wrestling events?

That support team position would stink!

note: What’s the difference between “wrestling” and “rastling” besides bad pronunciation and spelling?

double note: I think I have “mosh armpits“.


3 responses to “Arm Wrestling

  1. I bet those guys look at that picture nowadays and just cringe with embarrassment and shame.

    I like the band name. One of my favourite band names was “Pearl Harbor and the explosions”.

    Then there was “Wayne County and the electric chairs” but he had a sex change and became “Jane County and the electric chairs”. One of their songs was called “Man Enough To Be a Woman”.

  2. Funny Blog and Funny comments by razzbuffnik.

    At an arm wrestling competition has anyone ever witnessed Armageddon?

    I bet it would take an ARMy of people with loads of ARMor to control it.

    Lance Armstrong never lived up to his name if you ask me!

    Can you sit on an arm chair or is it just for arms?

    I’ll quit while I’ve got a leg up. My puns are best suited for ESL students.

  3. Armpit crew?
    Do they get pneumatic tweezers or something?

    Hmmm. Pneumatic Tweezers is a good band name!

    -Turkish Prawn

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