Food Allergies



It must be tough having a food allergy.

Watching other people enjoy something that could potentially be fatal to you.

If I had a food allergy, I’d want to be allergic to asparagus …

because I don’t like that crap anyway.



note: If you know you will die if you eat a certain food, but eat it anyway; is it suicide or just poor nutritional habits?


10 responses to “Food Allergies

  1. It’s hard headedness!

    I know someone who loved shrimp so much, he ate some at a party knowing he was seriously allergic to it, just because there was a doctor there who could give him a shot!

    You should really try V8 splash. You hardly taste the veggies.(no asparagus in it either)

  2. I believe eating a food that you know can kill you is called “natural selection in motion”

    Turkish Prawn

  3. Maybe, just poor nutritional habits..

  4. In my home it’s called being 15 and trying to test your immortality!

  5. I am glad being “allergic” to a certain food and being “intolerant” of it are not the same thing


    ….If you are lactose intolerant, would this blog be bad for you?

  6. I’m not allergic to anything as far as I know…

  7. Hi Ross
    If you go to TazBlog you will find it has disappeared????
    My new blog explains.
    Sorry for the inconvenience with URL change

  8. I’m more allergic to the smell of your urine AFTER you eat asparagus.

  9. Mars has the perfect soil to grow asparagus. If you lived on Mars, you would have to eat asparagus.

  10. nathaliewithanh: I guess that’s what happened to all the Martians; they didn’t like asparagus and died 🙂

    The Hyprocritical One….: stay away from my urine 🙂

    L: It took my a few seconds to get your comment! haha!! This blog is probably bad for most people anyway 🙂

    Everyone else: thanks for all the comments 🙂

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