I must have been a vegetarian in a past life …

because I think I’ve eaten enough vegetables to last a few lifetimes.

note: I want to be reincarnated as my friend, so I can sleep with his wife and have me as a friend.   What! It doesn’t work like that! What a rip!


4 responses to “Vegetables

  1. Why would you be treading on my territory?

  2. ~You coulda had a V8, I hear those veggies come in a fruit juice now, go figure.

    ~If you got reincarnated and slept with your friend’s wife, she’d probably say, “OMG you were so much better than you usually are!”

  3. Longing for married life… I knew it!

  4. Finicky Penguin: I always think of you as the “Pirate Guy” for some reason.

    sweetiegirlz: maybe once or twice; but I’m sure I would disappoint soon after 🙂

    nathaliewithanh: Am I that transparent? You can read me like a ….. blog 🙂

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