I tried making a new soup yesterday: “Leech Soup

The Emergency Room Doctor said I probably didn’t cook them long enough.


note: Leech Soup  sucks!

double note: I think I’ll hold off on making that “road applepie for a while.


6 responses to “Soup

  1. I keep searching blogs that interest me and this is one of them. The problem for me is that most have 0comments just like mine.
    Answers anyone?

  2. LOL!! I nearly choked on my coffee!

  3. @sunnybee2 – If we were all as insane and entertaining as planetross, then this blog would seem boring.

    Instead, it just makes me hungry!

  4. That pun is satisfactory.

  5. You have to cook the leeches at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. Then add just a touch of lemon.


  6. Gag, Gag, Gag…..

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