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On Being Tagged


“There is alway one more asshole” 



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    buck frain




    Finicky Penguin




    There aren’t many mammals that are venomous: what a bunch of underachievers we are.

    I guess if people could deliver a lethal bite or sting, there wouldn’t be many people around.

    I’ll stick to venomous remarks and towel snapping for now.

    note: If you pee all over yourself before going swimming, does that keep the jellyfish away? I’ll try it at the local pool next week.

    Me and Skunks


    “Skunks can eject a noxious fluid from glands near their anus. It is not only foul smelling, but can cause skin irritation and, if it gets in the eyes, temporary blindness.”






    It ain’t just skunks who can do this my friends! Oh no!

    Be afraid; be very afraid.

    note: just thought of this “not so original thought” on the way to elsewhere …. something wicked this way comes.






    Why are there so many different kinds of pasta?

    It’s really just the same thing with a different shape and name.

    Sylvester Stallone is like pasta: he may look a little different in his movies and have a different name, but he’s always the same too.

    note: Is there a “Stalloni Pasta”?


    I had my passport stolen a few years ago.

    I wonder if there is someone bumming around in different countries doing wanky stuff under my name.

    I hope not because that’s my job!



    Is the “air” in “airplane” really necessary?

    All planes fly in the air.

    Where else are they going to fly: in the sea?


    note: If airplanes have wings, do seaplanes have fins?

    Drip Drip Drip

    Where is that horrible dripping sound coming from?

    It’s driving me crazy!

    It only seems to happen when I make coffee.

    I’m calling the plumber.


    note: Do coffee commercials use a Java Script?


    The Coffee Mug

    I just got a new mug!


    It was time to replace the old one.

    I think it used to say, “Yes, There Really Is A Kalamazoo.”

    It was a gift from someone who actually went there. I thought the person was going to Hawaii, so I was really looking forward to a “Hawaii 1998″ shirt.

    Not sure why the lettering has disappeared: my lips don’t go that far down the cup when I drink. I’ve probably got some serious toxins in my body now.

    But no more!

    New mug! Bigger and Better than ever!!

    note: if you haven’t read “Welcome to the miserable world of Prometheus” here on wordpress, check it out:

    double note: I was hoping that I could see all of Prometheus’ internal organs when the mug was  filled with coffee.

    triple note: Maybe I should get into this merchandising cash cow. What could I sell? Mmmmm… anyone interested in a  slightly used Kalamazoo mug?

    The Crow




    Outside the ice cream shop, I saw a big crow struggling with a piece of plastic twine wrapped around its legs.

    I tried to help it.

    I threw it a pair of scissors and made a cutting motion with my fingers, but that didn’t help.

    There was a happy ending though.

    I bought an ice cream cone and got free chocolate sprinkles!

    note: Can someone be hen-pecked to death?





    Can colorblind people see oranges?

    I haven’t noticed any oranges in the supermarket recently.

    Maybe I’m slowly going colorblind!

    note: “Excuse me. Can you tell me which M&Ms are red? I like to eat them last.”