Spare ribs: Great!

Spare time: Great!

Spare in bowling: next best thing to a strike!

Spare parts: always good to have around!

Spare tire: great in an emergency! (unless it’s around your waist)

Spare change: “Sorry, I don’t have any on me.

5 responses to “Spare

  1. Funny but sad that it’s so true.

  2. Spare it: Save us from your constant babble
    Spare -agus : Left over asparagus
    Spare-tagus: Spartacus’s brother who never amounted to shit.
    Spare-ing: Left over herring fish.

    I’ll stop there and Spare you.

  3. I keep my spare time in a broken clock in the den.

    I figure that way, it won’t get used up and I can grab some when needed.

    Turkish Prawn

  4. C’mon man, help a brother out! I need to buy a san’wich.

  5. I’ll buy you a san’wich. 🙂

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