I bet it sucks having the last name “Disney”.

If you aren’t related to that corporation somehow and have pots of money, you were definitely born with a disadvantage.

I’m glad my last name is “Exxon”!


note:Shithead” for a last name wouldn’t be good either.

4 responses to “Names

  1. My mother told me that she nearly called me Elvis.

  2. My last name is awesome, in my opinion.

  3. I like my name too!
    I was almost called Burley John! I have birth announcements with that name on it too!

    I am many things, but I am not burley 🙂

    Ross has served me well (except for the “Friends” years) and Roscoe P. Coltrane (tsssuuu tssuuu ok Boss Hogg).

    My last name: there is a town in Florida where all the circus freaks live in the off season named after it.

  4. My last name is the equivalent of a wee sausage, commonly associated with what you could find in a blogosphere rowboat, and my initials sound like envy.

    Can’t beat that. Even if you tried.

    Although… One of my exes had a friend called Richard N. Balls who insisted on the first name Dick. I am NOT making this up.

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