I don’t think it’s a good idea to “blow smoke up someone’s ass“.

Second hand smoke is bad for you!

Everyone knows that!





note: Who smokes by people’s asses anyway?

6 responses to “Smoke

  1. Nice to know someone else who appreciates Margaret Atwood. Cheers!

  2. Oh, it’s the first day of the week I’ve had to peruse my fav blogs and you deliver one of my favorite bits of twisted planetross ever! Ah, it must be nice to be you, each day. Making something out of nothing. It’s a gift.

  3. I try to avoid secondhand smoke whenever possible by breath-holding during walking past…

  4. How do we argue with that logic?

  5. w1kkp: thanks for the compliment. It’s fun when inspiration strikes, but sometimes my mind is numb.
    I have to admit I feed off of people: alone I think of some stuff, but usually I hear myself say stuff to my friends in off handed remarks and file it away for later. A lot of crap comes out when I talk with Kelly Pettit (on my blogroll).

    S. Le: Are you “blowing smoke up my ass?” 🙂

    I’ve been busy, but should be back to normal blog perusing soon.

  6. THOUGHT: Are people who tend to kiss ass also the same people who can blow smoke up it? You think they’re being nice to you but they’re actually pulling a fast one on you. THE WORST!

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