Why do people think I’m Australian when I say, “No worries, matey”?

I’m not Australian.

I’m a frickin’ Pirate!


note: an “eye patch” isn’t a field where you grow eyes.


8 responses to “Matey

  1. Do you go around saying stuff like “arrrg” and “avast?”

    Too bad there aren’t patches what grow eyes. I’d like some green ones that don’t need glasses!

  2. I liked this blog!
    Aren’t eye patches in fashion again? But I hear you’re only cool if you only actually have ONE eye. Always fun and games until you get an eye patch! Then it’s party central!

  3. catchthevision

    I enjoyed this!

    I’ve just blogged on ‘Humour – where DOES it come from?’ I wonder what YOU think?


  4. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then you can play pirate because your friend has an eyepatch.

    I prefer pirates to ninjas.

  5. I have liked very much your blog.

    A greeting from Barcelona.

  6. G’day, Owyagoin’ Mate….
    Are you sure your not an australian pirate bloke???

  7. Ahoy! Thar be no keelhauling for ye scallywags and scurvy dogs fer present.
    Grog and wenches fer the lot of thee!

  8. lol…this is my favorite so far

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