Why are there so many different kinds of pasta?

It’s really just the same thing with a different shape and name.

Sylvester Stallone is like pasta: he may look a little different in his movies and have a different name, but he’s always the same too.

note: Is there a “Stalloni Pasta”?

7 responses to “Pasta

  1. Hey Aareein! I un!

    I like angel hair and rigatoni.

  2. because elbow macaroni doesn’t work well for Lasagna.

    because what without elbow macaroni what would the little kids make their kindergarten pictures of? (do Japanese kids make elbow macaroni pictures? just wondering.)

    Without spaghetti noodles, what would we twirl around our forks?

    Sylvester Stalloni is starting to look a little overboiled.

  3. There are different shapes so we will be entertained whilst eating a cheap meal.

    There should be Stalloni pasta. Isn’t he the “Italian Stallion?”

  4. is it like…spumoni?

  5. al dente no longer mr. rocky.

  6. I think if they made Stalloni Pasta, it should look like 30 caliber bullets.

    Turkish Prawn

  7. I love pasta! and some of Stallone’s movies.

    especially Ravioli and Tortellini. maybe Stallone directed those ones. 🙂

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