The Time Clock


Time Clock: what a cool name for something so …… dull.

Doesn’t it make you think of cool things like time machines, time tunnels, time passages, and time travel?

Time clocks only transport me to the penal colony called work.

I’ve been “transported“.

note: Punch in, Punch out: probably what Ralph Macchio is doing now.

double note: inspired by S. Le‘s

triple note: I’ve been time warped.


5 responses to “The Time Clock

  1. I guess the Time Clock does have some sort of a mystical effect. On me anyways. Punching in SUCKS! Punching out Rocks! For 8 hours a day most of us are transported to the land of the blues. I think I saw Ralph Macchio working at a car wash! “Wax on, Wax off”.

  2. Huh. I just read the Time Machine. Good book…

  3. Finicky Penguin: I looked at this one again and have altered any connections between “Time Clocks: boring” and “Other Time Stuff: cool”

  4. Time clock… Hmmm. kind of odd match of words if you think about it. What else would it be measuring?

    How about a water boat?

    Turkish Prawn

  5. I’ve discovered the secret to “making time” (besides booze) is McDonald’s iced coffee. The only trouble is, it’s McDonald’s!!

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