Worms and Fish

Why do people use worms to catch fish?

Fish eat worms, but usually not ones just floating around in the middle of nowhere.

They probably don’t even know what they are.

Those fish must be really hungry, or have bad eye sight.

Now if you are trying to catch a bird, I bet worms work great!


note: What do you use to catch worms: smaller worms?

double note: to catch piranha a bit of human works great.


8 responses to “Worms and Fish

  1. Hey 20 more of those little fish, and you got some fish sticks!

    We’ve fished with hot dogs before.

  2. Good idea. I’ll have to go bird-fishing sometime.

  3. As a kid, I used wadded up Wonder Bread to catch fish because I thought worms were gross: in retrospect, I believe this explains my lack of success as an angler.

  4. Fish eat worms. That’s true…

    my question is, why do cats like fish if they hate the water? Where would they have found them?

    Turkish Prawn

  5. ooooh, Turkish Prawn – that’s clever. Things that make you go hmmm? Do flying fish eat flying worms? Maybe before flying worms became extinct thanks to us HUMANS!
    Those flying fish are like the extreme sports dudes of today’s society. Living life one fly-by at a time.

  6. OK, what the hell is that you are holding up? Is that a worm? A live only in Japan worm? Is that one of the wiggly cousins of worms who I know from being a gardner? (Well, not a gardner really, someone who pretends to garden)

  7. w1kkp: it’s a piece of chicken with a piranha attached to it. Everyone goes piranha fishing in Brazil. If you ate the chicken, it would be more cost effective, but you know those crazy tourists.

    note: not a very big piranha either 😦

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