I’ve been really lost for the last few days.

My friends have abandoned me, and I seem to be wandering around aimlessly in no clear direction.

I could be close to something, but I have no idea.

Can you contact the Park Rangers at Oze National Park in Gunma, Japan for me? My laptop battery is almost dead and I’m really hungry.

I hope there is a search party looking for me.


note: everyone loves a good party, don’t they?


6 responses to “Lost

  1. Search parties always carry Brandy, yeah? Perhaps that’s only in the Alps. Unless Brandy is a woman… but who wants to carry a woman?

  2. Have you ever heard of someone who liked a bad party?

    Turkish Prawn

  3. Well I guess in your particular case a “search party” is better than a “Donner Party”…

    @S. Le: Actually, Brandy is a fine girl. What a good wife she would be!

  4. Just email me from your laptop and I’ll come pick you up. By the way, last we saw of you, you grabbed a six pack, your lap top and sandals and headed off from the party………………naked. That was 3 days ago!

  5. The drink, or the woman, Brandy would be fine.

    Brandy is a fine girl 🙂 Now that’s stuck in my head! Thanks a lot !

    Kelly Pettit: I was wearing sandals? I must have been drunk 🙂

  6. That must’ve been a pretty crazy party.

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