Air Bubbles

Air bubbles are cool.

Small perfect spheres of life giving oxygen: so fragile, so precious.

I could sit in my bathtub all day and watch them float to the surface.

Pretty little aa…i..eeeerrr bubbles!


note: oxygen bars are for oxymorons.

5 responses to “Air Bubbles

  1. Have you tried lighting the the bath bubbles?

  2. oxygen bars…

    Wait.. There’s some little voice I can hear in my head… It’s saying “NNNOOOOO!”

    Somehow, the concept of paying for oxygen makes me want to run for the hills. Do you suppose that at some point, someone will find a way to make us pay to hear what “quiet” sounds like?

    I’ll bet someone already has.

    Turkish Prawn.

  3. If you can woo with a tube up your nose, you can woo anywhere.

  4. razzbuffnik: I think that would be a bad idea.

    Turkish Prawn: I went with the above friend to one in Tokyo. It’s something I’d only do once. I would have used my photo, but I looked too much like a long term hospital patient.

    Don’t they have sensory-deprivation tanks that you float in Like William Hurt did in “Altered States”?

    FunboxComedy: If I could “woo” with a tube up my nose, it would be no fun.

  5. “razzbuffnik: I think that would be a bad idea.”

    but they make pretty blue flames in a darkened room.

    Very romantic 😉

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