The Tunnel


There is an 11 km long tunnel near my place.

I usually only drive through it in the summer when I make the 2 hour trip to the nearest beach.

Tunnels affect drivers in different ways: some people keep a constant speed, some slow down, and some speed up.

I’m a speeder!

One way traffic, no cops, and the slight claustrophobic effect makes me press that pedal down.

What do you do in tunnels?

note: I must have tunnel vision.

6 responses to “The Tunnel

  1. Personally I always slow down through tunnels and wind the windows down. I love the warm air, the yellow lights and echoing sound. Not sure why… maybe it’s a desire to return to the womb?

  2. we honk the horn just to hear the different sound it makes in there.

    we try to hold our breath through the whole tunnel

  3. chernoblybob: it’s cool in this tunnel, but some in Tokyo are hot and humid.

    sweetiegirlz: I honk too, if there isn’t anyone around. An English friend re-introduced me to that pasttime 🙂

    Kelly Pettit: a U-turn would be bad in this tunnel, but a U-swerve once in a while might be okay 🙂

  4. I hyperventilate. I hate them.

  5. I like horn honking too. Breathe holding wouldn’t be good in a 11 k one though. Passing out can be a traffic hazard

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