Elton John Stole My Virginity

In 1973 I was an 8 year old freshfaced naive little kid.

 I was just at the beginning of my musical journey: West Side Story soundtrack, Donny Osmond, The Partridge Family, Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka, and The Jungle Book soundtrack were the albums I was allowed to play.

I eventually ventured into my brothers’ and sisters’ albums: The Beatles, Mott the Hoople, Bob Dylan, …

and then I discovered Elton John‘s “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” album with the first swear word I ever heard in a song.

“Where you really kick the shit when the sun goes down”

from Your Sister Can’t Twist (but she can rock and roll)

Life was never the same again!

Thank you Elton.

How did you lose your musical virginity?

note: you never forget your first.

3 responses to “Elton John Stole My Virginity

  1. “I touch myself” by The Divinyls. Before that, I was too naive to figure it out. I remember my brother telling me to listen to the lines in the Supertramp song “Goodbye Stranger”. it says “Well some they do and some they don’t, some you just can’t tell, some they will and some they won’t, and some it’s just as well”! It took me a few years to get it but now I get it and I always have a special place for those lyrics.

  2. And its bad, bad leroy brown
    The baddest man in the whole damn town
    Badder than old king kong
    And meaner than a junkyard dog

  3. “I don’t want to get caught up in any of that funky shit going down in the city”
    – Jet Airliner, Steve Miller Band

    I learned all of the words to the above song when I was about ten just to be able to sing along at the top of my lungs in the car when it came on.

    Despite this odd behavior, my parents still think I turned out okay.

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