Left Behind



When people stay at my place they always leave things behind.

Finding the Item” is my post-visit game.

It’s never anything I can use.

Past Objects Found: a bangle watch, a 2010 Vancouver Olympic pin, assorted Beanie Babies, and a toe ring.

The longest undiscovered object was a metal paddle from a bread making machine. It was 2 weeks before I found it embedded in a frozen loaf of raisin bread my sister brought me.

It may take a while to find the stuff, but I have a 100% recovery record!

Has someone left behind something good at your house?


note: above photo of most recent “found” item.



8 responses to “Left Behind

  1. Omgosh, good thing the writing is on that product, I actually thought it was a ………that is to say it looked like a …..nevermind.

    my sister-in-law left behind a car seat, but I wouldn’t call that good.

  2. The bread musta been in good condition after 2 weeks 😦
    I have a post in your honour

  3. Occasionally people leave their kids at our house…fortunately, they’ve always returned to pick them up later. 😉

  4. Well…
    My in-laws left their daughter.
    Though to be fair, they weren’t threatening to take her back, either.

    Probably the best thing we ever get out of housed guests is tupperwear.

  5. OH! I take that back!
    The best thing was a scarf! My best friend left it after one visit I found it the next winter. After about 3 years, he spotted me wearing it.

    “Oops. eh. hehehehe. Yah! I think this might be yours! Willya lookit that. Huh.”

    Oddly enough. He forgot it again and I still have it.

  6. They always leave behind boxes of cold cereal. I get really excited for some reason even though I don’t like cereal that much. It’s like a high, man…

  7. I do not know one soul who washes his or her nose with dedicated suds. Have not even seen it in the stores. I’m looking today, though. Seriously, I’m twice your, ok, maybe three times your age. I do not wash my nose, per se. Or se per even.

  8. I’d never seen it before either. A Japanese friend gave it to a Canadian guy with allergies who stayed with me.
    He left it behind, so I guess maybe it ain’t so good 🙂

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