Aarrhhh!     Just a moment ……… I’ve “dislocated” my hotdog!

I have to pop the weiner back into the bun.

That’s better. I’m always dislocating that.

note: I relish relish.



4 responses to “Dislocated

  1. I just read this post and was reminded of how dirty my mind is.

    Thanks for that.

  2. I once passed the Weiner-mobile on the Ohio Turnpike. It was a thrill, I must say.

  3. If I’m lost, can I be “Dislocated”??

  4. Kelly Pettit: you should be at “dat” location not “dis” location 🙂

    I “dink” I told you “dat” before 🙂

    Jimsmuse: I thought there might be some of “dat” in the responses. It hurts just thinking about “dat”. 🙂

    S. Le: I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, but I do remember not 1 but 2 of the Oscar Meyer Weiner songs from the commercials: “I wish I was …” and “My bologna has a first name …” 🙂

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