The World’s Most Dangerous Job


It takes a special person to be a driving instructor.

Putting your life on the line all day everyday with nothing but faith and a big brake for protection.

If I were a driving instructor, I’d want to be in a “jello car” wearing “air bag” clothing.


note: I wouldn’t want a driving instructor as a friend: driving together would make me nervous.


6 responses to “The World’s Most Dangerous Job

  1. A jello car? Air bag clothing? General Motors are you listening? Ralph Lauren? You are hilarious, day in and day out.

  2. I taught my son how to drive when he was 16. He had a learner’s permit. That permitted me to let him “learn” with me in the front seat.

    I’ve never repeated the phrase, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!!!” so often in my life.

    But he survived and went on to get his liscense. No crashes (go figure)

  3. I had a learner driver in a driving school car pull up beside me at the lights once. I looked over & the instructor was wearing a neck support collar thingy that the ambulance blokes put on spinal injury people. I couldn’t help laughing. Oh the things you see when you aint got a camera….

  4. The 79 year old alcoholic woman across the street from where I used to live was always trying to have driving lessons; I wonder if she finally succeeded 🙂

  5. I would want to be completely covered with bubble wrap and give vast quantities of Vallium!

  6. Gabriel Perfeito

    I’m a portuguese drive instructor, please, HELP ME!

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