Sea Monkeys


How long should it take to receive the Sea Monkeys advertised in the back of comic books?

I’ve been waiting 35 years so far.

I hope they come soon because the “sea bananas” I’ve been growing are going to waste.


note: Are they an endangered species?


4 responses to “Sea Monkeys

  1. omg, I so remember these! We got some at some point in childhood… if you want to see what they would’ve looked like, just have one of those kids eat some crackers, and then drink out of a glass of water….that’s pretty much your sea monkey right there.

  2. I had some & they didn’t take 35 years to come, but I was disapointed that they didn’t look like the picture in the comic book. They were like little spermy things.
    Yikes maybe that’s what they were


    OMG I had some bloke’s sperm in a jar of water & thought they were my special pets from America….
    I’m about to have a moment,
    better get my pills 😦

  3. I never did get them, but always wanted them and X-ray glasses (invented/marketed) by the same sheister 🙂

    I did finally get myself a Mickey Rat T-Shirt though 🙂

  4. Oh I never got the X-Ray glasses, I wanted them so bad. I was sure they would work but mum reckoned they were a scam. What would mothers know, they were in the comics & in colour so they must be real….
    Surely they must be, i wanted to see through walls & dresses soooo badly

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