The Alarm Clock


I am lucky.

I usually don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock.
It’s one of the perks of starting work in the afternoon.

My alarm clock is like the little bottle of cinnamon sitting on my kitchen shelf.

It’s there if I need it, but gets neglected more often than not.

note: sweetiegirlz – here are some more Hello Kittys for you.

2 responses to “The Alarm Clock

  1. My alarm clock is my nemesis. I utterly despise it when it wakes me up before I’ve gotten enough sleep, but that’s life.

    If I spent as much time sleeping as I could, I wouldn’t have any time to do anything. Life is too short to spend it sleeping; there is too much stuff to do instead.

    Eric 🙂

  2. Your alarm clock is your little bottle of cinnamon sitting on your shelf? I LOVE that. That’s just plain sweet. On your next date with dream girl, work it in somehow. She’ll either think you are a good cook or when she has her bad days cuz dream girls always have bad days, she’ll think maybe he won’t yell (like some do at alarm clocks) and just think me a little bottle of cinnamon.

    Ah. I have officially lost my mind. Refer to this post as exhibit A.

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