If I followed and took photos of someone I didn’t know, I bet the person would phone the police and charge me with harassment.

Will the police let me go if I say, “I’m a paparazzi.” ?

note: Is it okay to follow strangers and draw pictures of them with an Etch A Sketch?

double note: “There are a few practising artists who use the Etch A Sketch to produce professional lineographic work. Most artists make their work permanent by removing the aluminum powder. This is done either by drilling holes in the bottom of the toy or by removing the entire plastic backing. It is then resealed as a semi-permanent, shake-resistant piece of art.”

I missed my calling.



2 responses to “Harassment

  1. Have you seen those videos of the 13 (I think) year old that does really good Etch-a-Sketch art? Interesting video.

  2. Well, if you’re taking pictures like the lady in the bikini,,,,maybe she’d call the police, lol.

    P.S. There’s a blog with etch a sketch Porn on it. but you didnt hear it from me….(becuz I thought it was stupid)

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