Another “Still More Too Much Time”

3 Things I Don’t Eat

asparagus, esophagus, sarcophagus.


Model Ships in Bottles

Big Deal! I want to see a large ship in a massive bottle. Now that would be cool!


Dust Bunnies

They breed like rabbits.


Barbers in Seville

I bet they get tired of that joke.


Self Exploratory Surgery

Don’t go there girlfriend!



Why do I have them? I didn’t eat corn.



They’re just big plastic bags.


The Great White Shark

What’s so great about it? I’ve never seen a regular white shark to compare it with.


Nudists and Adam

I bet they don’t have the “lint in the belly button” problem.



I was doing fine until the training wheels came off.


note: if you missed the first 3 in this series and you are a glutton for punishment:



8 responses to “Another “Still More Too Much Time”

  1. In germany they make Asparagus soup. It’s called ” spargel soup”. I always wanted to order it because I thought they were saying, “Sparkle” soup and i thought it was a cute name, until I found out it was Asparagus…..yuk. I ordered snails and garlic toast instead. lol. Which would you rather eat?

  2. I would order the snails and garlic toast everytime:)

  3. Spargel Suppe is delicious! You missed out. I bet it would have gone great with the snails.

    And I tell you, you don’t know what good eating is until you’ve had my “Sarcophagus au Gratin”. Mmmm. Just the way mummy used to make it.

    Turkish Prawn

  4. Oh, this whole series…I love it. Three things I don’t eat: asparagus. esophagus, sarcophagus (and you could spell them!) ..cobwebs…why do I have them, I don’t eat corn….I had to read that twice! Seriously, this could be one of those little books they sell at the counter of Barnes & Noble. REally little books. Usually they have inspirational things in them. The Hell with inspiration. It never delivers. Planetross does!

  5. “asparagus. esophagus, sarcophagus (and you could spell them!)”

    I bet he cheated, like I would’ve, and used his spell checker 😉

  6. I didn’t use spell check; I looked them up in my “suffix” dictionary 🙂

    The only other one I could think of was “Snufalufagus” from Sesame Street.

    I don’t eat those either 🙂

  7. Self Exploratory Surgery…
    Did you ever see the Mr Bean episode where he did his own dentistry….
    Words can’t describe how fear inspiring it was. I feared dentists before I watched it, it got worse from then on

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