White Chicken Meat


Finally!  Me and “the pixie dog” have something in common.

We are both happy all the time!

I’m a dark meat man myself!


note: thanks to former student Yuko for having the best pencil case ever. (this is only the insert)

double note: this could become a “pencil case” series. You’ve been warned.

triple note: I could just keep using this “pencil case” photo with a different entry underneath it, but I won’t.



3 responses to “White Chicken Meat

  1. Whatever happened to Hello Kitty?

  2. Kitty Chan is alive and well. She’s hanging out with Pooh san, Snoopy, Miffy, Stitch, and the Pocket Monsters here in retail Japan.

  3. Don’t forget her friends Baikinman, Anpanman, Conan, Shin chan, Duraemon, and ME!

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