Recycle Shops

Sometimes one person’s garbage is another person’s garbage too.



I like recycle shops, bargain centers, thrift stores, secondhand shops, and the Salvation Army.

I’ve furnished my place with their wares.                                            

Even though I might not find what I’m looking for, I recognize there are things there others will value.

but …

I’ve visited a few recycle shops that sucked: 100% crap. Not even a shopaholic on a a binge with a full wallet of cash would buy anything.

A bad recycle shop is not a shop at all; it’s just a staging point purgatory for things on their way to the dump.

The shop owner would probably make more money selling “used gum“.


4 responses to “Recycle Shops

  1. HEY!!!!!! I found my wife there!!!!! grrrr

  2. I thought she found you at a garage sale!

  3. What stinks is the fact that between “Antiques Road Show” and Ebay, there don’t seem to be any real deals anymore.

    I realized this when I went to an Architectural Salvage place to buy an old fashioned interior door some years ago. Cracked, missing molding, chewed at one corner and that wanted $300. GAH!

    I’ll stick to dumpster diving. Just make sure you’re up on your tetanus shot! 🙂

    Turkish Prawn

  4. I need to buy one of those weird sculptures that you always see in those stores…

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