Wasn’t kindergarten great!

Finally out on your own and hanging out with other kids finally out on their own.

Lots of new things happening …..

Curriculum: coloring, singing, story-time, finger painting, and clay art. I made an ashtray! Don’t forget learning complicated dance routines which involved being physically and verbally pushed around by your teacher.

Equipment: lunchbox; crayons; paints, big brush, and painting smock. When was the last time you wore a painting smock? I bet you miss it. There was even playground equipment designed just for you too!

Field Trips: farms, zoos, aquariums, museums; bus, train, and best friend’s mom’s car for transport. Yes, part of the jet-set finally!

Special Stuff: puppet shows, yoyo exhibitions, and more birthday cake than you could shake a stick at. (if your motor skills were developed enough to shake sticks)

Productive Citizen: buddy system responsibilities, supplier of fridge art for your family, contributor to family dinner conversation – “Randy peed in his pants today.”, “Spot is good, but Clifford is gooder.”

Ahhh! To be 13 years old again!!

note: former fridge art.

8 responses to “Kindergarten

  1. My strongest memories from kindergarten are being in the newspaper and also for peeing my pants in class! Fortunately the former wasn’t because of the latter. I also remember bragging that I could tie my shoes to another kid who just wasn’t getting it. Some of us are simply more intelligent. Do intelligent people pee there pants?

  2. I remember painting a picture of a fire engine and my teacher having to help me with my galoshes! Ah, youth!

  3. I didn’t go to kindergarten.

    I SO want a van like that one!!

  4. graham crackers and milk….

    I love the bunny mobile!.

  5. I remember kindergarten. The teacher used the letter people for the alphabet. M was munching mouth…

    And “ashtray” reminds me of a Holocaust joke, but I don’t think I’ll say it.

  6. buskerman: intelligent people pee their pants; they just don’t tell other people about it 🙂

    tigeryogiji: I painted a fire engine too!! What a coincidence 🙂

    S. Le and sweetiegirlz: I think it’s a cat. I think they use that van to transport kids who live the furthest away. Another kindergarten in town has a van that looks like “the little train that could” 🙂

    Finicky Penguin: I only got to the letter “C” the first year: “C” is for corner, please go there now. 🙂

  7. Hi Ross,
    I wanna van like that one so all the bikie blokes on Harleys will think I’m as cool as them.
    I am back in the Blogosphere now
    Cheers from Tasmania
    Tony 🙂 (ex-Tasmaniac)

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