How were people cool before sunglasses?

It’s a mystery.

If there were no sunglasses, would …. 

– the Terminator, the Men in Black, Neo in the Matrix, the Blues Brothers, or the Macho Man Randy Savage be cool?

Would CoreySunglasses at NightHart have had a music career?

Would “The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear ShadesTimbuc 3 be a no-hit wonder?

I think Joey Ramone would still be cool. You couldn’t see his sunglasses under his hair most of the time anyway.

Elton John‘s cool level would be serious lower, but he’d still be cool.

Elvis ………. shades or no shades ………… would still be the coolest!


note: are there sunglass monocles?

double note: cute dog photo added because some people like that stuff. I’m nice like that.

triple note: In the early 1900s, the use of sunglasses started to become more widespread, especially among the pioneering stars of silent movies. It is commonly believed that this was to avoid recognition by fans, but the real reason was they often had perennially sore eyes from the powerful lights that were needed due to the extremely slow speed film stocks used. Inexpensive mass-produced sunglasses were introduced to America by Sam Foster in 1929.

13 responses to “Sunglasses

  1. I thought it was to prevent being blinded by camera flashes (paparazzi/ media attention)?

  2. I think that those glasses lens that turn darker depending on the light are pretty neat.

  3. Quick story,
    In my youth, I LIVED in a pair of Vuarnet sunglasses. One day, out for a walk with my girlfriend she said, “Look at all the flowers!”. I looked down where she was pointing and saw only grass. “Where?” “There!” I took off the sunglasses and suddenly a thousand little flowers popped into view. The glasses made them blend in perfectly with the grass and leaves.

    I have never worn sunglasses since. I didn’t want to miss the flowers. 🙂

    Turkish Prawn

  4. paperdreamer: that’s probably true now, and to hide the fact that they are stoned or hungover 🙂

    Finicky Penguin: I like the mirror glasses so no one can tell where I am looking 🙂

    Turkish Prawn: I don’t usually wear sunglasses either: I’m just cheap, lazy, or like squinting 🙂

  5. My glasses tint on their own. Thank Goodness. That way my “fans” can’t see the real me. HA!

  6. Great observation how a small accessory can be so integral to a person’s persona! I don’t think that any of the above listed would be the same, but I didn’t think of that until you pointed it out. Great post!

  7. And don’t forget Reservoir Dogs, good sir.

    (but I will not include Stallone’s ‘Cobra’)


  8. Pomeroy! : I thought about Reservoir Dogs; but I got sidetracked on Corey Hart’s website 😦

    thought of Risky Business , but me and Tom have our differences: I don’t mention him and he doesn’t mention me 🙂

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  10. Young Elvis was way cool. Old Elvis was just way fat.

  11. And then there’s Huey Lewis….

  12. I think sunglasses should be sold to people who are rich. Because where I live, it’s all the poor people trying to look rich that wear them. And they wear them at night. And they drive “lowered cars” with really expensive stereos and drive around at night in winter with their windows down and their tunes playing at max (distorted) and then drive home to their box sized apartment with an eviction notice waiting. But hey,……..damn they were coooool!

  13. Wow look at those vintage sunglasses the King has on , bet those are worth some money.

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