Still More Too Much Time

It’s Universal
People will always laugh at 2 dogs having sex!
Health Warning
Shaking hands with a little kid is always hygenically risky!
No one will admit that their country has crap food!
The Obvious
People with glass eyes shouldn’t go to marble competitions!
A nice way to describe someone who changes their mind easily.
My Failed Product
Shaving Foam Mattresses
Stalker 101
Get a map
Sea Urchins
Poor little sea urchins selling pencils on the street corners.
My Failed Sport
Cardboard Boxing
Manic Depressives
If I didn’t laugh, I’d cry.
note: if you missed the first 2 installments, click the links below. I dare you; I double dare you.
for a cool humor site click this link

3 responses to “Still More Too Much Time

  1. Now, this is just fun. I just took the challenge and read the back installments. My favorites: (I “loved the photos, too, btw)

    “We’d better check the pudding to solve this one.”

    “How long can a car drive in first gear with the gas pedal to the floor before it blows up? ”

    “I want up and down signals for my car just in case.”

    “People with glass eyes should not go to marble competitions!”

    And to “I can’t wait to be old: then I would have an excuse for being such a crap driver” I say:

    Get a cat and then read my blog entry titled, Booster Seat:

    Oh, yes. I do think you alone could bring back the “fun” in funeral, too.

  2. Yes, I want a “fun” funeral too. In fact it’s mandatory. Every body in the funeral gettin’ tipsy!! lol.

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