Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper the best of friends side by side in matching shakers on the kitchen table.

But what if their names were switched: pepper was called salt and vice versa?

Would we be saying…

pepper and vinegar chips, pepper lick, PEPPER 1 and 2, pepper mines, pepper of the earth, Pepper Lake City, peppertines, peppery dog, pepper flats, and pepper the road?

saltridge farms, salt spray, saltmint (Patty), Dr. Salt, salt corn, saltoni sausage, green/red/bell salt, and put some salt on that ball?

Sheriff J.W. Salt from Live and Let Die?

note: I guess pepper would kill slugs, and salt would just make their eyes red and cause them to sneeze.

6 responses to “Salt and Pepper

  1. Sgt. Salt’s Lonely Hearts Club Soda?

  2. I had that in my head when I was thinking of stuff! That’s probably the best one too 🙂
    I left out “The Great Waldo Salt” also.

  3. Pepper water in the ocean?

  4. Looking at Sheriff Pepper could kill slugs!

  5. Lol you would get the Red Hot Chilly Salts 😀

  6. Rats!! That is the best one and it didn’t even cross my mind. I must be losing it 🙂

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