I bet greenhouse manufacturers don’t like their product being associated with global warming:

Greenhouse Gases, Greenhouse Emissions, Greenhouse Effect.

Describing global warming using the greenhouse analogy is pretty easy to understand, but probably a lot of people subconsciously believe greenhouses are bad or at least look on them suspiciously.

In the summer, they are definitely bad to work in.

At 19 a friend and I removed the old plastic coverings from 10 large greenhouses. That was hot work: we sweated like crazy working inside them.

I guess we could have removed the plastic from the outside, but we were 19 and not so smart.

They should put air-conditioners in those things!


note: If you are in a greenhouse during an earthquake, you don’t have to worry about being buried alive in the rubble. And if you are buried alive, people will be able to spot you quickly.

One response to “Greenhouses

  1. Imagine being a plant with your own house! That’s so cool! All those other poor homeless plants outside. I wonder if greenhouse plants are like the rich and famous with houses in Beverly Hills?

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