The Mean Cactus

I like cacti, or cactuses as I like to say.

I have quite a few. Most are prickly, but still manageable. Getting poked in the finger once in a while goes with the territory. If I wanted the easy life, I would have Chia Pets.


I have one cactus that is untouchable.

Its spines are painful, drawblood, and embed themselves in my flesh.

It’s nice to look at, but it’s dangerous.

It bullies me. It taunts me. I swear it has lunged at me a few times.

It’s just plain mean.

And it is getting bigger!


note: I would have put on a photo of it, but it won’t let me.

4 responses to “The Mean Cactus

  1. I visited Arizona this winter and they obviously have a lot of cacti. What’s surprising is that put them in these huge pots and put them in front of commercial stores like you would a normal plant.

    I can’t stop feeling like any minute now someone will trip and fall on it. Ouch! Actually I was paranoid that person would be me.

  2. Very soon it will be saying, “Feed me!”

  3. No, it will be saying, “Come a little closer…”

  4. My brother lives in Scottsdale and they actually Mt. Bike around that area! Crazy stories are told of people falling on all those cacti. I think I know the real reason you like them though, watering plants is for losers!

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